Final Script!

Joy Luck Club, Reflection

No Texting While Walking!!

Texting while walking can be very dangerous because it may cause death and injuries. Many teens have died of fatal accidents out in the streets from texting and walking at the same time. Here is a PSA that i have made about Texting and Walking!!

Texting While Walking!! PSA-Pre-Production.

Texting while walking Script:

Story Board #1: file:

Story Board #2:

Characters: Janeth: as the girl that texts too much.

Nicole: as student who Janeth crashes into.

Stranger: (beeping car.)

Ms. Johnson: as teacher who tells Janeth to stop texting.

La Vie En Rose!

My Resume!

Camara Movement!

This is a video my classmates and I made. I was the camara person and i got to shoot from different angles. After it was done, I edited this video!


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