Objective: I think the WGA was a great help to us because they helped us create scripts of different themes and they were all great! When they first started giving us ideas of how to make a script they showed us movies of how it can be a small little movie but yet be an amazing story. It also showed us how to introduce the characters at the beginning of a script. Then they started to show us scripts of other students that have created scripts and they where really interesting. They also showed us scripts from the movie Toy Story which i thought it was fun! The homework they gave us also helped us like for example they made us think of an image and do a story to it. When i came up with my script, a picture of a young girl and an african american guy helped me to create mine plot. I really think it was fun having the WGA to come and help us.
Refection:The WGF was a pretty fun experience. I like how the teachers where so excited about us creating a script. Making a script was really fun because we had to create a story about anything. In my case a made a script that I really liked and that I never thought I would create. I am thank full for the WGF that came and helped us have a great experience. Thank you.