Light on the Human Face.

Objective: Our objextive for this assignment was to take shots of the Human Face with different lights, like negative fill, fill light, 0 degrees, or 45 degrees light with diffusion.

Reflection: What I thought about this assignment it was that it was really fun because i discovered how the light on the human face does afect the picture. When we took the pictures we stayed in the same position we didn’t use different angles for the camara. We only made the lights change and thats what made the pictures different!

Basking Robins Commercial!

Me and some of my classmates made this video, out objective was to do a commercial on a product, brand or something. So, we decided to do it on what better than Baskin Robbins. Ice Cream.

My Reflection, We all came with different ideas and we decided it to do it based on a girl that marries her ice cream of how much she loves it, and then she ends up having kids (which where more ice cream cones.) I thought this was lots of fun, and i did the editing to this video! Hope you guys like it!:D

WGA script

OBJECTIVE: My goal was to come up with a good script. Although i had never done a script before I expected to get lots of help from the WGF and we did. The whole class got help from it. At first they showed us movies and gave us examples about scripts and all that.

14 shots!(:

Objective: Our objective for this 14 shots was to get different angles and different shots. Close up’s and Extreme Close ups.

Reflection: I learned that if you take shots from different angle you sometimes get cool pics, and for me this was fun because using a camara and taking pictures on different angles is really fun!(:


Objective: I think the WGA was a great help to us because they helped us create scripts of different themes and they were all great! When they first started giving us ideas of how to make a script they showed us movies of how it can be a small little movie but yet be an amazing story. It also showed us how to introduce the characters at the beginning of a script. Then they started to show us scripts of other students that have created scripts and they where really interesting. They also showed us scripts from the movie Toy Story which i thought it was fun! The homework they gave us also helped us like for example they made us think of an image and do a story to it. When i came up with my script, a picture of a young girl and an african american guy helped me to create mine plot. I really think it was fun having the WGA to come and help us.
Refection:The WGF was a pretty fun experience. I like how the teachers where so excited about us creating a script. Making a script was really fun because we had to create a story about anything. In my case a made a script that I really liked and that I never thought I would create. I am thank full for the WGF that came and helped us have a great experience. Thank you.

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